Friday, November 6, 2009

Bmi Chart For A Teenager For A Teenager What On Average Is Your BMI Supposed To Be?

For a teenager what on average is your BMI supposed to be? - bmi chart for a teenager

I'll try not to lose or gain weight. I was curious what the BMI of young people will still be. Moreover, is 5 '8 .5 "and 113 pounds. ... I'm bigger than normal for my height and weight are not chart in the media. What is your opinion and what should be the BMI of adolescents. Mil gracias!


  1. Depending on the age
    At age 13, BMI between 15.3 was to 22.6
    However, a child of 17 years, the body mass index between 17.2 to 25.2

  2. Between 18 and 25 years.