Saturday, November 7, 2009

Suzuki What Is The Difference Between An Siuzuki Esteem And Suzuki Baleno?

What is the difference between an Siuzuki Esteem and Suzuki Baleno? - suzuki

And where he can improve the performance parts for my little 98 hp Suzuki Baleno? I saw the so-called Tornado and supposedly adds 17 hp and 1.2 miles per gallon in his car. My bf used, and I really do not know if they or not in his car. But he thinks it is ... Who knows, but I have boys and 64 U.S. dollars Pep, is it worth?

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  1. Suzuki Baleno is a small car and withthe Baleno is a bit bigger car .. slightly larger engine s all ...

    No, does not have 17 hp, is perhaps 4 or 5. And add 2 mpg.

    but if ffor $ 64, then it is worthwhile to add five horses odd