Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sv2000 Vhs Dvd Manual How Do You Record Camcorder Footage To Dvd Using A Dvd/vhs Combo Recorder?

How do you record camcorder footage to dvd using a dvd/vhs combo recorder? - sv2000 vhs dvd manual

Connect your camcorder to play the A / V in the back of the TV the video on TV, but if I sign up for a DVD that plays everything on cable (TV). To view the photos I have seen on the TV Press / video on my TV, so I tried to push the TV / video on the DVD recorder remote control and cable records not yet available. How can I configure it? Unsure of the brand, but the model is the SV2000 combo recorder. (lost the manual)

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  1. I would try to reduce the variables and it is as simple as possible.
    If possible, connect the camcorder directly to DVD. If that fails, if the DVD has a switch (hardware) or via the menu to select the input source.

    You can find the happiness in the Internet a guide / manual for the SV2000.

    Good luck!