Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Naturist Videos Is This Not Creepy? I Know A 44 Year Old Woman That Swims In The Buff With Her 19 Year Old Son. ?

Is this not creepy? I know a 44 year old woman that swims in the buff with her 19 year old son. ? - family naturist videos

What is more shocking is that her husband is divorced. You are a nudist family and the child lives with his mother.

What would you think happened?


  1. If you are a nudist family, I think, that is, they believe in nudist camps, etc., so that means nothing to them. Surely it would not speak my cup of tea, so to speak, any more than I feel comfortable in the buff pool w / my teenage son. But everyone is different and the way she has always lived, so it is natural that something comes only w / it is. I can honestly than anything else happens between mother and child. ... But I hope not care if it is not the rule, not ...:) for most people anyway. To each his own Tho

  2. The child is old enough to make their own decisions. The family is known to be naturalistic. She draws on her property (I guess). You see no evil. "Legally, it is allowed.

    If it bothers you that you can see, there are several possible solutions:
    1. Move.
    2. Place a barrier between his personal life and his court.
    3. Increase the height of the fence for privacy.
    4. Avoid the swim during the period often. If you do not have a timetable for swimming, politely ask your neighbors to establish a timetable for swimming. It is only give in your garden without seeing something that you feel uncomfortable.

    If you're afraid to swim naked, or only from the mother and son naked together to follow the best path when in conversation with their neighbors to tell ALL nudity, that it makes you uncomfortable.

  3. Probably nothing. Hey ... I agree that obviously not as tasty, but to each his own.

    That is in itself not necessarily mean that the incestuous nature nothing takes place.

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