Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3rd Birthday Invitation Saying What Is An Appropriate Reason For Declining An Invitation?

What is an appropriate reason for declining an invitation? - 3rd birthday invitation saying

I invited a friend for lunch one day in the vicinity of his birthday. I had planned a 3-course dinner (what would you do with cake to take home). SMS to say it, they'd rather go to a bar if they do not like at home.

I was very shocked by my invitation, so casually dismissed and is lame. Did you find this rude, or if you let go?


  1. I say we have no choice but to accept his decision. They should not become a "bar" with her if you should not do, and certainly not accept an invitation to his house for his birthday, if they so wish.

    It is not rude, it is true. I am not in the dozens of possible reasons for that not to go home, but many of them could have! And it's all right. I respect them more for honest with you.

  2. You do not need a reason to reject an invitation. In fact, the protocol that is, the less said the better, as you discovered. It seems to me that if she did not know you had planned to do more than order pizza and with a taste for something that you want the honor of his birthday. I do not think he necessarily to blame. They are probably friends and doing random things a lot. Suddenly, the Miss Manners has done, because it does not do what I wanted (and it seems to praise) is not justified.

  3. I wanted to let go. I do not particularly like in small groups or with another to another person. Some of us do not like the center of attention in all circumstances and places to see so much public play with many people and "social butterfly" to an excessive concentration solely on us. It is not insulting or obtuse, he tries to stay in their comfort zone. So go ahead and take drink at the bar, and birthday, if you are so inclined to give him a cupcake Nice later at home. It would be very nice of you, and it is a gesture that I like.

  4. Educated people give an excuse other than "not possible" and friends do not use as a sullen, self-centered and immature to be excused if no hospitality.

    An educated person would have refused, saying: "Sorry, not possible today, but I thank you very much! And regrettable act, not a spoiled princess that can not be met. I suggest that you are not invited back.

    Apologies are not generally offensive lies so openly, but that excuse is worse ruthlessly honest. This is why educated people do not enter. Even if it "honestly" that does not deny the fact that it is "rude".

  5. Well, if you have the choice of birth.

    But it could drop a little too polite. The way he said it sounded like he did not appreciate your time and effort. Therefore I can not understand how you feel insulted.

  6. Go to a bar is reason to be alarmed, it's your birthday, let him choose where he wants to be.

    You can not always about "me," You know, there are other people around the world.

  7. Do not Take It to Heart, it is possible that he would not disturb the work of organizing a 3-course meal and cake, etc. on your application.

  8. I think she did not violate the intent, if we decide that you do on your birthday and enjoy your