Saturday, February 27, 2010

Buses Edinburgh Macarthur Glen Can Anyone Give Me Details Of Buses From Edinburgh To Crewe . And Also Manchester To Crewe?

Can anyone give me details of buses from edinburgh to crewe . and also manchester to crewe? - buses edinburgh macarthur glen

I think there are direct buses between Edinburgh and Crewe - says you have to change buses in Birmingham, is a 7h40m journey from Edinburgh to Birmingham, then wait 2 hours, and almost 2 hours back to Birmingham, Crewe. There is a direct train every 2 hours, 52 minutes time, the same travel time 3h07m.

National Express do not offer the possibility that a change of bus services in Manchester are involved in Crewe, and given that it is 4 trains per hour between Manchester and Crewe, I do not blame them for not trying.Trains be made between 35 and 60 minutes depending on whether only a few stations or bus stops at every station.

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