Sunday, February 14, 2010

In The Loop Streaming Megavideo Something Is Streaming In The Background Of My Computer. How Do I Find It? ?

Something is streaming in the background of my computer. How do I find it? ? - in the loop streaming megavideo

I closed all programs, and it seems that an advertising message in a loop, such as Verizon or the new BlackBerry, etc. ..


  1. Restart the system. It will terminate all processes started on the Internet. If a virus.

    You can also use the Task Manager -> Process

    Ctrl + Alt + Del

  2. The key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del to get Task Manager. Review applications to see whether it is there. If not, please see the tab "processes". But be careful, you have many processes that are normal. If you see something you are sure is the culprit, then click End Process. If not do not play, too:)