Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pictures Of Pyragon M7 Snooker Cue Thailand Mastercue Handmade M7 Pyragon Snooker Cue FOR SALE?

Thailand Mastercue handmade M7 pyragon snooker cue FOR SALE? - pictures of pyragon m7 snooker cue

pyragon in selling a part of Thailand Mastercue M7 reference pool ($ 470)

Diameter of 9.5 mm tip
Weight 18 oz
Length-57 "
Condition: Prefect
Axis: Axis Ash Performance
Mixed: 3 / 4 Joint
(NEW) Length TELE - Adjustable Length 18 "
(NEW) Mastercue Snooker Cue aluminum housing
(NEW) Mastercue Magnetic Chalk Holder

Photos available on request

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