Sunday, December 27, 2009

Brussels Griffon Poodle Mix Dog Walking (brussels Griffon/poodle Mix)?

Dog walking (brussels griffon/poodle mix)? - brussels griffon poodle mix

If I let my dog run for doing what he wanted. I learned after about 10 times and take a walk, which is not good, because from them and also keeps very well continue to soar.
So I decided to start our walk with him to calm down before climbing again to the tape. Then make the door to leave before him. I try to keep my side, but always pulling on the leash.
Sometimes go, starting well, but if every time I say, "Good Dog, or a treatment that starts barking again. I've tried to do nothing, but if you (or feel something you can already see one thing happen as a person or another animal) begins to pull even more difficult.
I tried only with his neck for a while, but I remain a dish and still no chance to teach him at my side.
I tried to walk around like this for a few months now.
Is there another way to try to go with him?

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  1. First, get rid of the chair. It is much easier for him to shoot. Are, make sure the collar is properly equipped, you should be able to fit 1.2 fingers down. Then, place the neck, just below the jaw. When walking, do not let dogs on a leash at all steps of the neck-in-hand with my right arm and the position of the dog, then add an inch or two. If the dog starts before you move in, more running. The dog itself is correct and gently pull back into the correct position of the heel and releasing the belt tension. If the dog is folded into the correct position. Set this until the dog stops to take over, then and only then begin to go forward. Repeat these steps until the dog understands that only move forward when pulling on the leash last.

    Also, remember that every action you with the dog pulls a reward for what they are trying "" You always prefer dogs. And it may take a few sessions before this the dog, but one or two weeks, so much bedfirst 10-15 years, dragged through the streets.

    Good luck!