Saturday, December 19, 2009

Index Of/ Jpg How To Make A Flyer For Gymnasts And Pool Partys?!?

How to make a flyer for gymnasts and pool partys?!? - index of/ jpg

Well, my mother is the mother of my team for the Sisters of the gymnastics team. She is planning a trip fun for all the girls, but it needs a wheel I do not know what to say in the brochure. And I have girly. I was able to get help, what to say. I have my mother's brochure becosue team is very illiterate. The girls are in middle school and high school. Here are all the details and everything.

August 25 to 11 hours or 5 if you have a good time and may stay longer.

Bring your own food or money to buy food at the connsesions.

$ 3 to enter, to

$ 4, if more than 12

This is the place === water ... ..

Once they get what they say I can make all the other things as if we cooperate. Who has the best idea will get the best response when the time expires. If you want to send me another e-mail or IM to if I want. I have MSN Messenger, apparently

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