Saturday, January 30, 2010

5.1 Receiver Hdmi Upconversion TrueHD Sound On A 5.1 Audio Receiver Without HDMI Output?

TrueHD Sound on a 5.1 audio receiver without HDMI output? - 5.1 receiver hdmi upconversion

Is a 5.1 audio receiver without HDMI output with the same sound quality TrueHD Blu-ray Disc player to produce, which has a coaxial output as an audio receiver that has HDMI output?

I am considering buying a variety of Samsung HT-Z310, which has no HDMI output, but wants to with a floppy disk and a Blue Ray version, the Panasonic has coaxial work. Is this a good idea? Or should I spring for a more expensive receiver has an HDMI output, so that can get you a better TrueHD Blue Ray?

Thank you!


  1. The only way to get HD audio (DTS-HD MA and Dolby True HD) with an old receiver is the receiver has 5.1 (or 7.1) analog inputs from multiple independent channel, and its Blu-ray is 7.1 multi-channel analog output. Optical or coaxial digital cables are not compatible with the HD audio formats. If you have PS3, you have to "ll accept receiver, the audio via HDMI (HD decoder card) for the PS3 to a HD receiver for sound connected.

  2. What they say is true. without HDMI can not be accessed or truHD Master audio via optical or coaxial digital (liner PCM), which make a receiver that could have supported more than one channel, you worry a lot of them. However, a Blu-ray Players discrete audio support "out".

    Watch Blu-ray from Panasonic for audio release function
    Take a look at some of Yamaha, Onkyo or Denon in. Most audio amplifiers in a single system will not check, but the back of the Samsung just to be safe.

  3. Save your money

    Invest in a good audio system

    Research shows 30% of the experience is the video and the other 70% is audio ...


    HDMI is decompressed while the audio is better ...

    My reccomendations would BDP55 with the Panasonic Blu-ray with the Denon 2309 .. Could be wrong .. Keep theater as a home theater (home in a box) to away from them is not worth the money, unless you are looking to buy another 2 years later ... Make sure a line filter, as best you can get HDMI cables (audio search, Monster M Series)