Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flexible Water Deflector For Shower Door Where Can I Find The Plastic Bit That Goes Between My Shower Door And The Bath?

Where can i find the plastic bit that goes between my shower door and the bath? - flexible water deflector for shower door

We have a shower door and glass on the bottom and sides of the wall with a flexible plastic water deflectors, also a rubber seal on the bottom so that the door is sealed from the inside of the steering post notes on the shower glass door with a groove 5 mm wide rigid operation of the crystal on both sides, while B & Q supply these to provide the sower and the bathroom rather than replace, which are recommended to be available.

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  1. We had a similar problem, but luckily our shower a few weeks ago when my son took off the sealing tape and bent. I thought, as you know where I can get a replacement, so I returned to the store you bought it and us in touch with producers who have sent us a new free (the company went by the name of TC)