Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kids Boxing Set Cost Of Beginner Boxing Set?

Cost Of Beginner Boxing Set? - kids boxing set

Ok, have a limit of $ 300 and instant messaging to an electric guitar with some of that money, Im going to start boxing again soon, and I have 2 sets of spare gloves / Gloves MMA, I can box with friends, because its people speak well, with experienced and older. I wish I had 2 sets of gloves, and lessons from a coach. I would like as a child somewhere local where I find other kids my age group before you can know save it with the command to fight tournaments. I will express my description of my body at the bottom of this, and if you give me an answer is very weak, then I must have voted in very small reaction, you have this problem.

Age: 12
Weight: 89 kg
Height: 5 feet


  1. There are places where children are fighting! O_o
    Most children are lazy and does not in all sports!
    Go to your local or MMA training and box-club there.
    Unfortunately, twelve years can not MMA, and I've heard, but this problem does not. You can instead simply continue with the boxing and BJJ.
    Doubt, he can pay for BJJ and boxing, though. Start with boxes and fifteen years, you will have a good base of MMA with boxing. Then you can fight more emphasis on the Jiu Jitsu in MMA and fight.
    -edit --
    Simply ****, its weight and not gain weight.
    It also seems a bit young to think, to tournaments, at least in MMA. LMFAO
    Boxing, of course, but is required to do a club! The doubt has its weight class, but. Better to build muscles.
    A cup of the guard in the groin and the nozzle is a necessity. Instead of the clubs not to allow savings are without a voice, but a cup is optional.
    Helmets are not really used as an economy, at least not in my club ions. Only if you wantSavings rougher than usual, Xample, if you're about to go to a party.
    Gloves are useful, though, are not taking his club gloves. Only the type of gloves you need are gloves, a bag, unless you need to buy gloves, fight, fight, as in my club! : P
    But the last time you went into the boxing club was a lot of combat gloves, it depends.

  2. I agree with the search for a gym and not just training. Believe me, I never learned anything tries to select the children randomly to find fly, we need real instruction. Without the supervision of a coach is to really know what they are learning bad habits, you get killed in the ring.

    MMA gloves are not even important parts of training equipment for the people who dedicated themselves to training in MMA. Only important for pro wrestling to MMA today, it's a loooong way.

    Before training in the martial arts, where a cup and a mouthpiece.

    For gloves, you will need gloves, bag gloves and sparring. Bags tend to hit the glove and it rough, if not cracked, it is not generally the same area of his wish to train miners to be beaten in the face. Remember, hats and wraps, too.