Thursday, January 14, 2010

Increase In Cervical Mucus And Hormones Cervical Mucus And Early Pregnancy?

Cervical mucus and early pregnancy? - increase in cervical mucus and hormones

Last week I learned that I'm pregnant for about 5 weeks pregnant. Ive been checking my cervical mucus and theres not much, but it also dries in seconds. Early last week he had a lot of mucus is thick and creamy and now its dry and sparse and broken is when I pull my fingers apart after as before my period comes. A few days ago, my cervix remains low and hard, but now feels a bit softer. Is this normal, I read that the cervical mucus, in fear, because I was simply raising ...
I also had a miscarriage in September and I came 4 weeks later, without a period in the middle and have the same thing with the lack of cervical mucus have experience to the grave concern that hormones might be related? In 5 weeks now it's too late, when I discover that I have hormonal problems? I could not see my doctor this week because he just starts his diary appointments on Friday, as the only working part time and I do not want to go to different doctors, because they're very good and rarely have appointments, so you probably an appointment for next week. InFear, because I really want to continue if I have another error, I am devastated. only the symptoms got so far is a positive pregnancy test and my breasts that feel as a rule, not at all soft, but not much. What is fever? It may be the cause for concern, but are pregnant after a miscarriage, and as soon as I am concerned, and I want this to work on

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  1. Try not to worry (easier said than done, I know). Many women can not have any symptoms and there were women who did not even know that she was pregnant until she gave birth, not mad, I know.i cervical mucus, with my first and he is now 9, had a lot of my second pregnancy and she lost to 8 weeks, he would not say women have concieved a mc hun.loads after and before the first period and I hope not babies.i in this healthy, that everything good for you and good luck Hun