Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dining Room Drapes 2010 What Color Drapes Would Go With Cherry Wood Furniture And White Walls?

What color drapes would go with cherry wood furniture and white walls? - dining room drapes 2010

The purchase of new curtains for the dining room is all the furniture in cherry wood as the cabinets and a dining table and chairs. All the walls are covered with the exception of a white wall is light brown, which in turn was a show before dinner, does not seem bad, the curtains are old and I was wondering what color curtains would look better? if anyone has any ideas or pictures, please email me! Thank you!


  1. Any color that you would be well. I went with the impression.
    Go to JC Penney and watch few. ...

  2. Everything depends on the look you want at the end ... The different colors are supplied to another part of it extended by the accent pieces. For example,

    A bright accessories for French in the landscape of tin and white tones with a tube of paint in the room.

    The lawyer or orange would be modern, wooden accessories lawyers in a bowl, wooden frame with heavy lime / image wise.

    A royal blue, gold and dark green or dark red ceramic accessories were traditional

    Modern Contemporary Dark chocolate and crystal geometry

    Therefore, the color plays an important role in what you do with the space. Supplemented matter what color you can choose from items ... Think about something special that you should be in the room and build them or their choice of a chandelier vorzuarbeiten your first choice of design from there. That set the tone for the room.

    This leads to a decor with Italian ...

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  3. Hello
    Large selection here. I get a little color and taste ... Select the desired word.

    Cherry wood furniture ... is a major


  4. A rich plum color. Otherwise, green, deep green velvet.

  5. Brown, plum ... Hunter green ...