Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mechanical Problems Porsche Which Vintage Porsche Has The Most Reliable Mechanical Structure Once Fully Fixed?

Which vintage porsche has the most reliable mechanical structure once fully fixed? - mechanical problems porsche

I need to know that in 911, 914 or 912 of the best models in the car if you want to go often. Effect of rare coins, common problems, performance, etc.

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  1. More reliable and cost to repair? I would say the 914, because most joint operations with VW parts to the same period. The engine is the most common, but there were also some differences.

    914 rooms are actually quite easy to find (and try

    Stay away from transsexual tailshift first, if you can (70 to 73) to center. The subsequent transfer of the lateral movements are easier to adjust and maintain.

    914 Watch out for rust, particularly in the "hell hole" in the tank battery. The poor maintenance acid batteries to leak and eventually rust through the frame and firewall, and finally the longitudinal direction, which can drop the car in the middle. When the doors are not closed in a clean 914, is a sign that the long train. to check under the carpet on the back of the trunk and back of the rust on the rear passenger floor rust or separation.

    Principles 911 and 912 cars (65 - 69) had a short wheelbase compared to the later models. Although manyComponents, the first models are 911/912 certain model years, which are heavier than the 911 found later. Principles of 912 cars, Porsche 356 engines, according to my humble opinion, is an expensive VW engine. We could certainly replace 912 motor with a high-performance VW motor for less $ $ $ and more power. The 912E was built in 1976 uses the same VW / Porsche 914 engine (VW Type 4), which is a very reliable platform.

    Typically 71 to 73 911 Cars to be good, 74 to 79 are due to cost cutting measures (for example, try the light sheet metal), and power outages to win MPG undesirable because of the depression 70 oil. 911 is a good car to drive, but can be very costly to the property. The engine is very complex and costly (for the reconstruction of the last one we had was a 69 911, where only the reconstruction of $ 12k).

    Best all-around Porsche before the election in your question ... the 914th